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What is the Right Way to Brush Your Teeth? Ask Our NJ Dental Team.

From the moment we’re old enough, our parents have told us to brush our teeth twice a day. That being said, however well-meaning our parents were, we may or may not have been taught the correct way to brush our teeth. Please continue reading and speak with our New Jersey dental team to learn more […]

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What to Know About Taking Care of Your Baby’s Teeth

There are few things more amazing than raising a child. Of course, though raising a child is perhaps the most beautiful and selfless thing one human can do for another, if you are a new parent, you’ve most likely learned very quickly that it’s not always easy. While you can’t make the right choices every […]

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What Should I Do if I Have a Chipped Tooth?

Many people, at one point or another, have chipped a tooth. This is not uncommon, though at times, it can be cause for concern, and other times, it’s simply a cosmetic imperfection that a person may wish to fix. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced New Jersey dental team to learn more about […]

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Preparing Your Smile for Summer | Tips You Need to Read

If you’re like most people, you want your smile to be the very best it can be. Not only does having a nice smile give us a feeling of security and comfort in our own bodies, but it’s also a sign of good overall health. Since we’re now right at the start of summer and […]

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What Are the Main Causes of Bad Breath?

If you’re like most people, you’re sensitive to the smell of bad breath. For this reason, you’re also most likely conscious of your own breath. Unfortunately, sometimes, even when we brush and floss regularly, we can still have bad breath, making it an even more perplexing issue. Please continue reading and reach out to our […]

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What You Need to Know if You Have an Overbite

If you are someone with an overbite, the first thing you should understand is that it comes from having a misaligned jaw. Unfortunately, for many people who have overbites, it is a source of self-consciousness. That being said, you should also understand that cosmetics aside, an overbite or misaligned jaw can also be a serious […]

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Can I Eat Right After Getting a Cavity Filled?

Cavities are among the most common dental issues that people have, and if you are someone with a toothache, there is a chance that you may have a cavity as well. The procedure for filling cavities is relatively simple and, in most cases, relatively painless. That being said, if you just got a cavity filled […]

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What Are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

There are few things more important than your oral health. One of the best ways you can keep your teeth fresh is by brushing, flossing, and taking regular trips to your hygienist. That being said, if you are looking to take an extra step to preserve your teeth, then you should strongly consider dental sealants. […]

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Dental Health & Memorial Day | Which Cookout Foods Are Best for Your Teeth?

With Memorial Day right around the corner, you’re most likely gearing up either to host friends and family or to attend a barbecue with your friends and family. That being said, perhaps unsurprisingly, not all foods that appear at these cookouts are ideal for dental health. While it is important to enjoy yourself and perfectly […]

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What Are Dental Bridges? Ask Our Basking Ridge Dental Team.

Many people who have missing teeth wish to have them replaced in some way so that they can go on to have the smile they’ve always wanted. There are several options on the table, and unfortunately, they can make matters quite confusing. This is why we are here to explain one of the most popular […]

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