Dental Crowns | What You Need to Know

Many people require dental crowns at some point in their lives. If your tooth is worn down, there is a very good chance you may require such a crown. These procedures are simple, and you have nothing to fear if you do require one. Read on and reach out to our knowledgeable New Jersey dental team to learn more about dental crowns and whether having one installed is the best option for you. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How do I know if I should get a dental crown?

If you or your dentist notices that you have a certain problem with your tooth, there is a very good chance that your dentist may suggest the installation of a dental crown to prevent any future dental issues. Not only will a crown enhance the cosmetic appearance of your tooth, but it will also protect you from other issues down the road. The most common cases where people require dental crowns are after having root canals, dental implants, broken teeth, or a weakened enamel structure.

Are there different types of dental crowns?

Yes, there are. The four main types of dental crowns that dentists use today are as follows:

  • Ceramic crowns: These are porcelain-based and are generally used on teeth located at the front of the mouth. Ceramic crowns are designed to blend with the natural color of your teeth so they are less noticeable than other crowns.
  • Gold alloys: Gold alloy crowns are very strong and dependable crowns, and they do not wear away on other teeth.
  • Base metal alloys: Base metal alloy crowns are often a good option because they are resistant to corrosion and wear.
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns: In many cases, your dentist will choose porcelain-fused metal crowns, wherein he will fuse porcelain crowns to metal ones. This is a strong option, and the main benefit of choosing it is preventing leakage.

Does it hurt to have dental crowns installed?

Fortunately, many patients are relieved to learn that having a dental crown installed is a virtually painless process from beginning to end. Any area that your dentist will work on will be numbed before any filing or fitting starts. If you have any additional questions or you are ready to get started, simply give our team a call today.

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