Taking Care of Your Teeth Until You Can Get to See a Dentist

There are few things more important to our overall health than maintaining good oral hygiene. That being said, in the wake of COVID-19, dentists across the state of New Jersey and elsewhere have been ordered to shut down outside of emergency procedures. However, let’s say you have a toothache, and it’s not so serious that it classifies as an “emergency,” however, it still causes you quite a bit of grief. What are you to do? Below, we have compiled a short list of various things you can do to ensure you keep your teeth clean and pain-free until you are able to get in to see our experienced New Jersey dental team once again. Please continue reading to learn more:

  • Brush your teeth regularly: This is the most basic form of dental hygiene, however, it is perhaps the most important. If you are experiencing teeth sensitivity or a toothache, consider using Sensodyne or another product recommended by your dentist.
  • Floss regularly: Flossing is not optional. Flossing clears away plaque and other food buildups from places where a toothbrush simply cannot reach. You should also consider using a fluoride-based mouthwash regularly.

For Tooth Pain

If you are experiencing a minor toothache, there are several things you can do to at least temporarily numb the pain until you are able to see a dentist once again. Some things you can do are as follows:

  • Use a warm salt water rinse. To do so, simply mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and swish. This should kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.
  • Hydrogen peroxide rinses also work to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. Mix 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with equal parts water and ensure that you do not swallow the mixture.
  • In other cases, you may find simply using a cold compress will help reduce pain, especially if the toothache was caused by a hit from falling down or otherwise.
  • There are other over-the-counter products on the market designed to temporarily numb tooth pain, however, we recommend calling a trusted dentist before going ahead and purchasing them.

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to give your experienced New Jersey dental team a call.

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