Update For Patients Regarding COVID-19 Office Procedures

Dear Patient Family,

To avoid any surprises and to make your visit go as smoothly as possible, we have comprised this email to inform you of what to expect when you visit our office for your next dental visit. Together, we have weathered a formidable storm. At this point, we are glad to see that the air is finally clearing.

Our goal is to provide the safest possible environment for our patients and employees in the delivery of our dental care. We have spent countless hours at webinars and have researched all that has been proposed in the ever-evolving protocol and procedures for infection control. We have invested in new equipment and refined our office procedures, keeping your comfort and safety in mind.

1) Our Virtual Waiting Room

  • A “virtual waiting room” will be utilized. Upon arrival at the parking lot, we will ask that you remain in your car and call the front desk, (908) 766-1300, to let us know that you are here. This will reduce contact between patients and satisfy social distancing guidelines as much as possible.
  • When your treatment room is ready, a staff member will come out to your car and take your temperature and oxygen saturation. A COVID-19 questionnaire regarding exposure and treatment consent will be signed.
  • You will then you will be escorted directly to the operatory. You will be asked to wear a face-covering until your treatment begins. If you do not have a face covering, we will provide one for you.
  • There will be a hand-sanitizing station at our entrance, and we will ask you to use this when you enter and leave the office These measures will reduce cross-contamination, especially at the front door. (We will also use the Thermometers and Pulse Oximeters to screen each employee every day.)

2) Changes To Our Office

  • Sneeze guards, or plexiglass, as you have seen at many business establishments, will line our front desk.

  • Our waiting area will be reconfigured. It will be used only for patients that require it. For example, parents waiting for their children, or drivers for patients that need ambulatory assistance. We have removed most of our chairs from the waiting room, and have distanced the remaining chairs. Also, we have removed magazines and the coffee station to reduce cross-contamination that can pass the virus from person to person.
  • Ozone units are placed in our waiting room the business office area and will be in each operatory. These units have HEPA filters and UV light to combat the virus.

  • We will utilize the ADP70-ozone filtration system. Although not mandated, these purifiers were purchased to add an additional layer of protection. These purifiers change and clean the circulating air. The room air is taken into the unit, which changes the cellular membrane of viruses and bacteria, making these infectious molecules unable to attach to a host as it leaves the unit. These units cover 2000 square feet; our office is 4500 square feet. To ensure more than adequate coverage, we have ordered 3 of these to place throughout the office.
  • The “Leaf Suction System” has been placed in each of the hygienists’ operatories. These suction units will be used in place of or at times in addition to the old saliva ejector suction system. This system utilizes the high-volume evacuation in each patient chair. High volume evacuation reduces the amount of aerosol in the rooms generated during your visit.

3) Our Staff

  • You will notice our employees utilizing various PPE’s such as gowns, hats, face shields, and eyewear. Infection control is not new to dentistry. Dental professionals have been at the forefront of infection control for decades. We have weathered infections such as HIV, Hepatitis, Ebola, and SARS. You will notice our staff will be utilizing more protection than in the past. This includes surgical hats and N95 masks, as well as surgical masks, face shields, and eyewear. Our staff has always used these when treating specific patients, however, these additional precautions will be used for all patients for the foreseeable future.

4) Our Doctors

  • While our staff has always worn scrubs, you will now see our doctors wearing scrubs as well. Scrubs will be washed at the office. This reduces the possibility of contamination being carried out of the office.

We Are Open For Business

We understand that this is an evolving process, and we will stay abreast of any and all necessary changes as we continue to make those investments in our practice and our patients. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to bring them to us. We would like to create as safe an environment as possible to continue providing the best possible dental care. We appreciate the trust you place in us as you walk through our doors. We thank each and every one of you for placing your trust in us for your dental healthcare needs. This is a privilege and a responsibility that we do not take lightly.

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