What are the Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth?

It is important to eat what you love, but you should also consider what the food you eat does to your body. People go on diets because they want to improve their physique, but unfortunately, most people do not consider going on a diet for the sake of their teeth as well. While yes, you are entitled to eat what you want, it is important you know what some of the worst foods for your teeth are. Once you identify the worst foods, you can begin taking the necessary steps to help keep your teeth clean. Some of the worst foods for your teeth are as follows:

  • Bread: This tends to shock a lot of people, as we don’t normally think of bread as sweet or acidic. However, as you chew bread, its starches are broken down into sugar in your mouth and stick in between your teeth, which sometimes causes cavities. The same is true for potato chips, as they will also break down into sugar and get trapped in between your teeth.
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks: Perhaps not as surprising as bread, carbonated drinks are notorious for destroying tooth enamel. Additionally, dark-colored sodas will stain your teeth.
  • Sports and Energy Drinks: These are two of the most erosive and acidic drinks for your teeth. They are responsible for cavities all over the country. 
  • Coffee: Coffee is acidic and stains your teeth. Additionally, coffee will make your teeth sticky, and if you add sugar, your teeth will not thank you.
  • Hard Candy/Ice: Chewing hard candies or ice puts you at risk of a chipped tooth. Rather obviously, however, hard candy is far worse than ice, especially if you let it melt in your mouth. Hard candy takes a while melt, which means your teeth are covered in sugar and harmful citric acid the entire time.
  • Citrus: Citrus foods, such as oranges or lemons are packed with acid. While they are healthy fruits, you should not eat them regularly or for a long period of time, as prolonged acid exposure is extremely harmful to your teeth.
  • Alcohol: When you drink alcohol, your mouth gets dry. Since our saliva is what we need to keep our teeth healthy, it is generally best to avoid alcohol–and wine especially. Wine is also very acidic, though white wine is usually even more acidic than red wine. 

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