What Should I do if I Have an Overbite?

Many people who deal with overbites or other symptoms of misaligned jaws feel daily pain, whether dull or intense. This is unacceptable. Here at Dental Associates of Basking Ridge, we are dedicated to helping individuals with misaligned jaws live pain-free. If you think you have a problem with your jaw or bite, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced New Jersey dental team. Please read on to learn more about misaligned jaws and how they can affect your overall health. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are some symptoms of a misaligned jaw?

If you or your dentist notice any of the following symptoms, there is a very good chance you will have a misaligned bite:

  • Worn down tooth enamel
  • Chronic grinding or clenching of the teeth, also known as bruxism
  • Chronic neck or headaches
  • An unevenly opening jaw
  • Frequently and accidentally biting the inner cheeks or tongue
  • Speech problems
  • Breathing through your mouth
  • Improper teeth alignment
  • A jaw that makes clicking or crackling noises when it opens or closes
  • Fractured teeth

If you notice pain in your jaw and do not receive proper dental treatment, the pain will generally linger, if not worsen, until you do. Do not let this happen. Our dental team has been helping individuals with misaligned jaws for years. You deserve a comfortable, friendly smile. Don’t deny yourself one!

How can a dentist fix a misaligned bite?

Fortunately, there are various ways an experienced dental team can work to fix your misaligned jaw. One of the most common is known as an occlusal adjustment. First, your dentist will ask you to bite down on mylar paper, which will illustrate all parts of your teeth that touch one another–this is known as an “interference.” From here, your dentist will address the source of your improperly aligned jaw, and will then take action to fix it. Once corrected, your jaw will be restored to its natural position, thereby resolving the issue. Our team is ready to help.

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