What You Should Know About The Root Canal Procedure

You have been avoiding it for some time now, but you can no longer deny it: You need to see a dentist to fix your tooth, and it may involve a root canal. If so, please read on, then contact one of our experienced dentists located in Basking Ridge and Morristown, NJ to learn what you should know about the root canal procedure.

What are the signs that you need a root canal procedure?

While you should always consult with one of our skilled general dentists before making any decisions, you may have some idea that there is something seriously wrong with your teeth if you experience any of the following:

  • Persistent pain
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swollen gums
  • Pain when you eat or touch the tooth
  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • Tooth mobility

Do you need to have a root canal procedure?

The only option apart from a root canal is the extraction of the tooth. If you do not undergo treatment or get the tooth removed, then the consequences can be severe. If left untreated, the bacterial infection can spread to the rest of the jaw, brain, blood and rest of the body. At a minimum, you may be subject to further tooth loss. Nobody likes the thought of having to undergo a root canal, but it may be necessary to preserve your beautiful smile or maintain your quality of life.

What does the procedure look like and how can a dentist help you?

In a root canal, an endodontist removes the infected pulp and nerve in the root of the tooth, cleans and shapes the inside of the root canal, then fills and seals the space. Afterward, your dentist will place a crown on the tooth to protect and restore it to its original function. You may find this surprising, but for many patients, getting a root canal is no more painful than getting a cavity filled, thanks to the use of local anesthetics and modern endodontic techniques. Most people report feeling comfortable throughout their procedure, feeling pressure and movement at times, but not pain. Root canal therapy has been around since 1838 and has come a long way. Furthermore, our practice has years of experience with root canals and other dental procedures. Our dental associates will handle your ailment with the utmost tact and delicacy. Let us help you.

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