Do Your Teeth Shift After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

In today’s day and age, most people end up having their wisdom teeth removed, and for a wide variety of reasons. Not only are wisdom teeth impractical and virtually useless in the modern age, but in most cases, upon coming in, they can cause severe pain and a slew of other dental issues. In fact, oftentimes, wisdom teeth, especially those that are impacted, will cause crowding, thereby making your teeth shift. This can drastically impact both the cosmetic and the behind-the-scenes aspects of your smile. For many reasons, it is best to simply have your wisdom teeth removed early on, before they start causing you these problems. That being said, many people wonder whether their teeth will actually shift after having a wisdom teeth removal procedure done. This is a perfectly understandable question, which is why our knowledgeable New Jersey dental team has answered it below to clear up some of the confusion. Please continue reading and reach out to us to learn more.

Do my teeth shift after wisdom teeth removal?

If you are researching wisdom teeth removal, or you even recently have had your wisdom teeth removed, you may be wondering, “will this cause my teeth to shift?” Fortunately, we can confidently say, for the most part, no. Many people feel as though their teeth are shifting after having their wisdom teeth removed because there is simply more space in their mouth. Additionally, after having wisdom teeth removed, you will immediately feel less pressure on your other teeth, which may cause concern for shifting, however, your teeth are not actually shifting, and in fact, it is a good thing that you now feel less pressure.

That being said, while teeth should never shift to the point where gaps or spaces are noticeable, there may be a very slight amount of shifting in the mouth–though this is most likely also a good type of shifting. Because wisdom teeth often cause crowding, there are times where having wisdom teeth removed can result in someone’s teeth slightly shifting in a way that reduces minor overlap between teeth. The bottom line is that if you are either looking to have your wisdom teeth removed or if you’ve already had them removed, you do not have to worry in the slightest about your teeth shifting. For any further questions, give us a call today.

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