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While regular brushing and flossing are key parts to an oral health regimen, there are still parts of the teeth that cannot be accessed and are left vulnerable to decay. One of the ways to protect your smile is by having a dental sealant placed over your teeth to protect it from the acid and plaque that threaten the enamel of your teeth. If you are considering a dental sealant or are looking for more information on how you can protect your teeth, it is important to consult with a dental professional. The knowledgeable team of dentists and hygienists at Dental Associates of Basking Ridge have helped patients protect their teeth for decades through sealants and other measures. Give our office a call today to schedule an appointment.

What is a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant is a piece of plastic that is placed on the molars and premolars in the back of your mouth to protect them from the bacteria, acid, and plaque that threatens the overall health of your teeth. Tooth decay occurs when acids and bacteria wear away at your enamel and can weaken your teeth over time. Sealants help reduce cavities and last for years down the road. Unlike some of the other dental procedures that you may endure over the course of your life, installing sealant is simple and painless, as it doesn’t require any numbing or drilling. It only takes about 30 seconds for the sealant to bond to the tooth surface with a self-curing light. It is important to be aware that sealants cannot be bonded to teeth that already have fillings or tooth decay, so it is best to be proactive. It is also valuable to note that once you have a sealant placed, you should still be sure to keep up with a strict oral care regiment because there is truly no final solution to tooth decay. Sealants act as protection for up to ten years but without a proper dental routine, decay is still possible.

Dental Sealants for Children

If you are a parent worried about your child’s oral health, you may want to speak with their dentist about having a sealant installed. It is beneficial to have a sealant placed at a young age because sealants cannot be used on a person who has existing tooth decay or fillings. Some dental professionals recommend that sealants should be applied immediately after permanent molars grow in, which is usually at about age 6.

Contact Dental Associates of Basking Ridge

If you are considering ways to protect your teeth from decay, a dental sealant may be the best option for you. Additionally, you may want to consider this option for your children to reduce some of the worries of future tooth decay and periodontal issues. Whether for yourself or your child, it is critical that you speak with an experienced dental professional who can evaluate your situation and help you determine the best steps forward. Contact the knowledgeable dental team at Dental Associates of Basking Ridge to schedule an appointment today.

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