What is a dental amalgam filling?

amalgam filling

Dentists have relied on amalgam fillings for years to repair decayed, discolored, or fractured teeth. These fillings are typically used to treat cavities caused by tooth decay. Amalgam fillings are a popular choice for dentists when restoring teeth because they are a long-lasting solution that helps strengthen your teeth. If you need assistance restoring your teeth, contact a skilled dental fillings/dentist located in Basking Ridge & Morristown, NJ, who can help you improve your dental hygiene and maintain your oral health. Please continue reading to learn about the benefits of getting a dental amalgam filling.

What are the benefits of getting a dental amalgam filling?

Firstly, a dental amalgam is a type of dental filling. Amalgam is a mixture of liquid mercury and powdered silver, tin, and copper alloy. Amalgam fillings are often referred to as “silver fillings” because they are made up of about half silver and half mercury, and their appearance is silver. Dentists often consider amalgam fillings the strongest type of filling as they are less likely to break than other types of filling and are even less expensive. It is imperative to note that amalgam restoration last longer and costs less than composite fillings. Depending on your lifestyle, this filling can last up to ten years.

Furthermore, they are highly beneficial for those with a high tooth decay risk. This is because the moisture surrounding a tooth can make it difficult for other types of material to bond with a tooth. This is often the case with materials such as resign. With amalgam, the mixture of mercury and silver binds the alloy particles into a solid filling that makes amalgam extremely durable.

Are there any risks?

Although there are several benefits of getting an amalgam filling, you should be aware of some potential risks of dental amalgam. As mentioned above, amalgam fillings contain mercury. Since it contains mercury, it can release mercury vapor that the lungs can inhale and absorb. This type of mercury exposure can adversely affect the brain and kidneys. Certain parties are more at risk of the damaging effects of mercury vapor, such as pregnant women, children, nursing women with newborn babies and infants, people with pre-existing neurological disorders, individuals with kidney problems, and those with an allergy to mercury and other components of amalgam.

If you are allergic or have heightened sensitivity to mercury or other metals composed of dental amalgam, you should refrain from getting a dental amalgam filling. You should inform your dentist of your allergies and sensitivity and discuss alternative treatment options to restore your teeth.

If you need a dental filling to restore your tooth, contact our talented dentists at Dental Associates of Basking Ridge today to discuss your options. If one of your teeth starts to decay, don’t wait to see your dentist. If you do not get a filling when necessary, it could lead to further damage. Allow our dentists to help you find the proper filling to restore your teeth.

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