How can drinking water improve your oral health?

drinking water

As you’re likely already familiar, consuming water has various benefits, especially when it comes to our bodies. According to research, health authorities often advise everyone to drink at least eight glasses of water daily (about 2 liters). Water should always be your go-to beverage. Water brings nutrients to cells, flushes away bacteria, protects joints and organs, and keeps your skin glowing. However, water is not just good for your body but also for your oral health. Please continue reading to learn how our general dentistry/dentists located in Basking Ridge & Morristown, NJ, can help you instill good dental hygiene habits to maintain and improve your overall oral health. Please continue reading to learn how drinking water can improve your oral health. 

How does drinking water benefit your oral health?

Firstly, drinking water can help make your teeth stronger. The United States is one of the few countries that adds fluoride to its water supply. Drinking fluoridated water has various benefits for your oral health. Fluoridated water builds defenses around your teeth by restoring the calcium and phosphorous levels in your dental enamel, strengthening them, and preventing tooth decay. In addition, fluoride mixes and works with your Slavia to avoid plaque build-up. It’s imperative to note that fluoride has been nicknamed “nature’s cavity fighter.” As such, your children need to drink fluoridated water as it will help mitigate the risks of cavities once their adult teeth come in.

Moreover, drinking water helps keep your mouth clean. While drinking liquid will wash down your food, nothing works like water. Consuming sugary beverages such as soda or juice will leave sugar on the surface of your teeth. The sugars left behind start to wear down your tooth enamel. This is because sugars feed off of the bacteria in plaque and cause them to release harmful acids on your dental enamel, leading to tooth decay. Since water does not contain sugar, it successfully washes away any debris left behind, leaving nothing for bacteria to eat. Furthermore, drinking water can help you fight against bad breath (halitosis). Drinking water freshens your breath by washing away odor-causing particles.

Can it help keep dry mouth at bay?

Unfortunately, tooth decay thrives on dry mouths. This is primarily because saliva helps fight decay by remineralizing your teeth with calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is a condition where plaque builds up because the mouth does not produce enough saliva. Saliva is integral to maintaining oral health as it washes away food residue. Ultimately, drinking water creates more saliva, which will prevent tooth decay.

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