How can I prevent halitosis (bad breath)?

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A person may experience bad breath for several reasons that aren’t due to any underlying issues. It is imperative to note that it is completely normal for an individual to wake up with bad breath when they first wake up in the morning. However, it should go away after an individual brushes their teeth. Additionally, an individual may experience bad breath as a result of poor oral hygiene, dehydration, or from eating a certain type of food. However, if an individual’s halitosis doesn’t go away in certain cases it may signify an underlying issue. Essentially, halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. It is common for individuals to be embarrassed by their halitosis. However, there are several solutions that could solve an individual’s halitosis as well as certain methods that can help an individual effectively avoid it. If you are experiencing halitosis, please don’t hesitate to schedule a visit with one of our knowledgeable and skilled general dentistry, dentists located in Basking Ridge & Morristown, NJ Our team of experienced dentists can help solve your halitosis issue and give you advice on how to effectively avoid it in the future.

How can I avoid halitosis (bad breath)?

Ultimately, halitosis is an oral health problem that causes a bad odor to come from an individual’s mouth. There are several methods that can help an individual avoid halitosis. A person can avoid halitosis if they brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day. This includes cleaning their tongue. It is imperative for individuals to brush or scrape their tongue as bad breath can stem from bacteria on the tongue. Additionally, individuals that smoke are more likely to experience halitosis. To avoid this, smokers should quit. This is also common for individuals who have dentures. Dentures can cause an individual to have bad breath if they are not taken out at night and not cleaned properly. However, there are certain sprays that can help diminish the smell. Unfortunately, this approach is not a permanent fix. Individuals can also avoid halitosis by adjusting their diet. Halitosis can be the result of a disease or medical condition such as diabetes. Sugary foods and foods containing garlic and onions should be avoided. Individuals should drink plenty of water as a dry mouth can cause a bad odor to come from an individual’s mouth. Furthermore, an individual should replace their toothbrush at least every three months. One of the most effective ways an individual can avoid halitosis is if they visit their dentist regularly. If there are any underlying issues that are causing an individual to have bad breath, a dentist can locate and find a solution to fix the problem. Untreated underlying issues may worsen a person’s halitosis. If a person follows this advice they may avoid halitosis and bad breath in general. However, to ensure there is no underlying issue it is important to schedule a visit with your general dentist.

If you have been experiencing halitosis for an unusual amount of time and home remedies are not solving the issue, schedule a checkup with one of our dedicated dentists. Our team is ready to help you solve your halitosis problem today.

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