Is It Okay to Pull Loose Teeth?

loose tooth

If you or your child has a loose tooth, you might wonder how to proceed best. It’s natural to feel tempted to pull the tooth, but doing so can cause damage to the tissue or lead to an infection, as part of the bone may remain in the socket if not extracted properly. Even when a tooth is loose, it remains in place as it is firmly anchored to the gum by its strong root structure. As such, you may not experience any pain. Nonetheless, the question remains whether extraction is warranted and, if so, when it should occur to ensure optimal oral health. If you have a loose tooth, schedule an appointment with our dedicated tooth removal & extraction/dentists located in Basking Ridge & Morristown, NJ, who can help you determine whether it makes sense to pull your loose tooth.  

When is it time to pull a loose tooth?

Unfortunately, there are several different reasons that your dentist may inform you that you need to have one or more of your teeth extracted. Although this can cause many individuals to worry, the procedure is typically painless and can be achieved in one visit.

Baby tooth

When it’s a loose baby tooth, it should only be pulled if it is incredibly loose. Generally, it only makes sense to remove a baby tooth when it is dangling from the socket. This eliminates the risk of swallowing it after it loosens on its own. If a child feels pain after a loose baby tooth is pulled, you should see your dentist to ensure the roots have dissolved properly.

Adult tooth

If an adult tooth is loose, do not attempt to pull it yourself. Sometimes, an adult tooth may feel loose, but it does not need to be removed as it often tightens over time. Pulling a tooth has the potential to damage your surrounding teeth. There is no tooth behind the permanent tooth that is loose, like if you were pulling a baby tooth. If you pull an adult tooth, you will undergo significant pain. In addition to considerable pain, you will have a gap in your mouth that must addressed, as it can cause bacterial growth and plaque build-up that results in tooth decay or periodontal disease. Dentists will only pull an adult tooth if it is absolutely necessary in cases where individuals are experiencing significant pain, or there are no other options.

If you or your child has a loose tooth, it’s in your best interest to contact an experienced dentist from the team at Dental Associates of Basking Ridge, who can determine whether it is necessary to undergo a tooth removal or extraction procedure. We are pr

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