My Tooth is Chipped, What Should I Do?

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While the enamel on your teeth is some of the toughest tissue in your entire body, it’s still vulnerable to chipping. A chipped tooth usually occurs because of trauma, such as a fall or blow to the face. It can also happen if you use your teeth to tear open plastic or even bite down on hard foods. If your tooth is decayed, it’s more likely to chip. A chipped tooth is not necessarily a dental emergency unless you’re experiencing severe pain or it exposes the inner layers of your tooth. However, fixing a chipped tooth is crucial to avoid further damage and infections that can cause tooth loss and affect the appearance of your smile. Therefore, you may want to get it fixed as soon as possible. If your tooth is broken, chipped, or fractured, it’s in your best interest to schedule an appointment with our trusted general & cosmetic dentistry/dentists located in Basking Ridge & Morristown, NJ, who can help you determine the best treatment to restore your smile. 

How to Care for a Chipped or Broken Tooth?

If you have chipped or broken your tooth, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it may take a day or even several days before you can manage to see your dentist. In the meantime, take acetaminophen or another over-the-counter pain reliever if the tooth is painful. In addition, you should rinse your mouth with salt water and floss to remove any food particles that could aggravate the wound. If the chip has caused a sharp or jagged edge, you can cover it with dental wax paraffin or temporary bonding material to keep the edges of the wound from further irritating your mouth. This will prevent the tooth from cutting your tongue or the inside of your lip or cheek. Furthermore, you should stick to soft foods and avoid biting down on the chipped tooth.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Treatment for a chipped tooth will depend on how severely damaged it is. If only a tiny piece of enamel has broken off, the repair can usually be performed in one visit. However, a badly damaged tooth may require a more extensive procedure, such as a root canal, to restore your smile. Your dentist may recommend the following treatments to repair a chipped tooth:

  • Bonding or filling
  • Tooth reattachment
  • Crown
  • Root canal
  • Onlay
  • Veneer

If you can save the portion of the tooth that chipped off, it may be possible to cement the broken fragment back in place. This is only an option if the cells of the tooth fragment are still alive. If a large portion of the tooth has broken off or is too severely decayed, your dentist may suggest a crown. A root canal procedure may be necessary if the chip is so large that it exposes the tooth’s pulp.

If you have chipped or broken your tooth, it’s best to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentists at Dental Associates of Basking Ridge, who can help restore your smile.

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