What is a panoramic dental X-ray?

panoramic X-ray

When you visit the dentist, you may require a dental X-ray. Dentists use a dental X-ray to detect oral health issues. Dental X-rays can uncover cavities, periodontal disease, root abscesses, and other oral health issues. Typically, you’ll have to bite down on a piece of plastic, and then the machine takes multiple images of your teeth. With a standard dental X-ray machine, dentists see your entire mouth.  However, they can perform a panoramic dental X-ray when they need a single image of your entire mouth. There are many benefits to using panoramic X-rays to detect abnormalities and other oral health issues early. Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled general dentistry/dentists located in Basking Ridge & Morristown, NJ, who can perform a panoramic X-ray. Please continue reading to learn why dentists often use these types of X-ray machinery. 

Why do dentists use panoramic X-rays?

Often, individuals require panoramic dental X-rays because it creates an image of their entire mouth, allowing dentists to view all their teeth, joints, jaws, and even their nasal area and sinuses. This will give dentists the full scope of your mouth to notice abnormalities. Dentists can discover impacted teeth, infections, tumors, cysts, bone abnormalities, and other serious oral health issues using a panoramic dental X-ray. Unlike traditional X-rays, the imaging machine is outside of your mouth. It only lasts around 20. seconds. It is critical to note that you’ll have to remove any metal objects, such as jewelry, and perform having images taken.

Many are hesitant to have a panoramic X-ray performed because of the risk of radiation exposure. Traditional intraoral X-ray machines have lower exposure to radiation levels than panoramic extraoral X-ray machines. It exposes you to a small dose of ionizing radiation to provide a picture of the inside of your mouth. Nevertheless, According to the American Dental Association, this type of extraoral X-ray is safe to use. As a precaution, dentists will provide you with a leaded apron. This measure is taken to protect your body from any radiation exposure. Another misconception is that the procedure will be painful. However, these types of X-rays are painless and easy to perform. The only limitation of panoramic X-rays is that they can’t reveal specific issues about each tooth. It is more so used as a genre evaluation to determine abnormalities.

Whether you need braces, have a cavity, or have an impacted tooth, a panoramic X-ray can help your dentist detect oral health issues. If you require a panoramic X-ray, schedule a visit with our seasoned dentists at Dental Associates of Basking Ridge. Our team is committed to helping our patients improve their overall oral health.

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