Take Your Vitamins!

Everybody says that. However, outside of the fact that it’s supposedly the healthy thing to do, have you ever considered how taking vitamins impacts your body? Most people probably have not put much thought into why they take their vitamins, which is why we are going to look a little closer at how vitamins affect your dental health.

While you’re probably used to hearing that brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and regularly seeing a dentist are the most important things you can do for your smile, you should know that vitamins are important, too! To explore just how important vitamins are, we have compiled a list of vitamins that have a tangible effect on your overall dental health. They are as follows:

  • Vitamin D & Calcium: Together, Vitamin D & Calcium are a dynamic duo. Calcium is essential for strong teeth and jaw enamel. Vitamin D, on the other hand, allows your body to absorb more calcium. By consuming both Calcium and Vitamin D together, you help your smile stay as strong and confident as it can be!
  • Magnesium: Another component of strong tooth enamel, though magnesium can also reduce the risk of cavities.
  • Vitamin C: Ensuring you consume lots of Vitamin C is one of the best ways to prevent gingivitis, which is no joke. Additionally, Vitamin C helps support your immune system, so you cannot lose with taking Vitamin C!
  • Iron & Zinc: Iron increases the oxygen flow in your body, so by taking more iron, you decrease the chance of bacteria buildup, and therefore decrease your chances of catching an infection. Zinc, on the other hand, also works to prevent bacteria from growing and reduces the amount of plaque buildup on your gum line.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A does a great job of preserving healthy tissues and a healthy saliva flow in your mouth.
  • Vitamin B12 & B2: Have you ever had a canker sore before? If the answer is no, then you’re lucky. Either that or you consume plenty of Vitam B12 & B2 without even knowing it! This wouldn’t be a shock, since it can be found in many common foods, such as bagels, pasta, red meat, chicken, cheese, and more. Vitamin B12 & B2 is one of the best vitamins for fending off canker sores, which can be very painful at times.

While taking your vitamins is extremely important for optimal dental health, you should always ensure you regularly visit your dentist for a checkup to ensure everything is smooth sailing.

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