Why Do I Need to See a Dentist Every Six Months?

Oral hygiene is important, though it may be even more important than you may think. While of course, brushing and flossing regularly is critical, there is no true replacement for seeing your dentist every six months. Not only will your hygienist clean your teeth better than you could on your own, but you will also receive expert medical advice from a dentist you trust. In all, there are several reasons why you must see your dentist at least every six months, and our New Jersey dental team has compiled a list of just some of the reasons why you must do so below. Please continue reading and contact our firm to learn more.

Why You Should See Your Dentist Every Six Months

Below, you will find a short bulleted list of reasons why you should see your dentist every six months. They are as follows:

  • Oral cancer screenings: Every six months (or at least once every year) it is critical that your dentist conducts x-rays on your mouth. Not only can these x-rays inform us of potential bone abnormalities, impacted teeth, and cysts, but they can also help us screen for cancer, which is particularly important if you are an at-risk individual (e.g. you use tobacco products).
  • Professional cleanings: As previously mentioned, it is very important to brush and floss regularly. However, when you make an appointment with our team for professional cleaning, your teeth will receive expert care that will help them remain in tip-top shape. This is because our dental team has access to tools and products that you likely do not, and these tools will help us remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth entirely, something that is nearly impossible to do on your own.
  • If you have a problem, we can assess and identify it: If a tooth hurts, your gums are uncomfortable, or you have any other complaint, there is no one better to assess the issue than a dentist. Of course, minor aches and pains are sometimes treatable at home, at least for some time, however, if you feel an ache or a pain and it is time for your cleaning, you can mention the trouble, and our team can investigate the issue. Oftentimes, we can detect a more serious issue and nip it on the bud.

If you have any further questions, or you would like to schedule a cleaning with our experienced dental team, give us a call today.

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